2013 sees highest-ever disbursements for TB

Global Fund disbursed around US$ 726,854,947 through 130 tuberculosis (TB) grants to countries. This is the highest-ever amount of funds disbursed for TB, since the start of Global Fund disbursements in 2003.  Around 70% of the disbursements were to 20 high-TB burden countries. The amount disbursed for TB in 2013, represents 19% of total funds disbursed (US$ 3.9 billion) for all components (TB, HIV/TB, Malaria and HSS).

Disbursements to countries for all three diseases, 2013

Cumulative Data (since grant signing)

Total cumulative signed amount for TB for grants considered by GF as “in progress” (i.e. 130 grants and 100 countries): US$ 2.9 billion

Total cumulative funds disbursed for TB grants considered by GF as “in progress” (i.e. 130 grants in 100 countries): US$ 1.9 billion

Global Fund TB grant performance status, December 2013The latest TB grant performance scores from the Global Fund are presented in the graph below.Of the 112 TB grants, 83% are performing above average.8 grants across 19 countries have a B2 rating, and one grant has received a C rating. TBTEAM is reaching out to partners in these countries as well as to WHO staff stationed there/in the region, to help improve performance.Grant ratings are a useful tool to monitor performance and take early action. Falling grant ratings can be an early indication of a grant getting into difficulty and grants with a B2, or C performance ratings suggest the need for urgent consideration of additional support needs for the grant.Upcoming events

5 March: Webinar training on the Global Fund New Funding Model – through TBTEAM.
10-20 March: TB NSP Planning workshop for francophone countries.
16 June: TB Strategic Advisory Group Meeting (STAG-TB).
Upcoming TB Programme Reviews
30 March-10 April: Bangladesh
30 March-12 April: Swaziland
10-20 March: Romania
23-27 June: Kyrgyzstan
16 June: TB Strategic Advisory Group Meeting (STAG-TB).

For more information please visit http://www.who.int/tb/tbteam/en/ or email tbteam@who.int


2014 OverviewProjections of funding for 2014As per the press release, issued by the Global Fund on 8 December 2014, US$12 billion has been pledged for the next three years by donors at the launch of the Global Fund’s Replenishment meeting.According to the Global Fund, this amount represents the largest amount ever committed to the fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.As previously communicated, 18% of these resources will be allocated to TB for the next three years.The total funds disbursed by the Global Fund for TB in the coming three years are unlikely to increase in comparison to 2013 disbursements.

The New Funding Model

66 countries are likely to apply to the Global Fund for TB in 2014 through the New Funding Model. In close collaboration with TBTEAM partners, the TBTEAM secretariat is supporting applicant countries through the mobilization of experts for, epidemiological assessments, TB Program Reviews, development and updating of comprehensive and costed National Strategic Plans (NSPs).

¨    WHO is negotiating a Partnership Agreement with the Global Fund to mobilize resources for countries with funding gaps for technical assistance. The Agreement will be presented to the Global Fund Board for decision making in March 2014.

¨    The Global Fund is calling for expressions of interest for regional applications. These applications should clearly demonstrate the value-added impact of a regional approach. The deadline is 1 April 2014. More information


Resources on New Funding Model

Resource book for New Funding Model applicants.

Global Fund application materials, including documentation relevant to the Single Concept Note for TB and HIV.

 Contact tbteam@who.int          
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